independent insurance agentsInsurance is a complicated purchase, noting that all you want is a long-term protection promise. When it comes to securing what you love the most, you need to be sure you are getting the most out of your dollar.  Here are reasons why independent insurance agents will be a benefit.




Better Choice of Insurance Policies


Independent insurance agents represent several insurers, meaning they get quotes from different sources. Maine independent insurance agents help you compare policies and pick one that best suits your needs. With such knowledge, you do not have to waste time and effort submitting policy applications that are likely to face rejection.


Risk Assessment


An independent insurance agent knows about related threats, and that helps you identify potential risks. For example, when your home is in a pollution-prone area, a standard policy will not cover bodily injuries caused by released chemicals. Your independent insurance agent may advise you to get less costly alternatives in such cases. Some agents are generalists, while some specialize in specific types of homes. Make sure you choose an insurance agent who understands the complexity of your home and its surroundings.


You are the Priority


With various products and business circumstances, some direct companies may fail to provide customized solutions for your needs. Independent insurance agents are always concerned with the products offered and their costs in unique circumstances.


Cole Harrison has customer-focused independent agents who understand the value of each product. You get peace of mind knowing that a particular insurance product covers your medical expenses without any challenges.


In addition, an independent insurance agent represents the client, not the company. So, it is all about you and what works best for you.


Saves You Time and Money


Some insurance companies offer hundreds of dollars of discounts, but some are not cost-effective. Unfortunately, you may realize this when it is too late, negatively affecting your savings and time. Independent insurance agents familiarize themselves with the lifestyles of their clients to help them pick the best coverage.


Responsive Services


As opposed to having to interact with the automated systems that most insurance companies are adopting, an independent insurance agent is readily available to serve you. Better yet, the agent informs you whether the compensation seems reasonable.


Saves You from the ‘Dirty’ Work


An independent insurance agent handles all the nitty-gritty as you go on with your usual daily activities. Agents know the procedures to follow in case of an insurance claim, making the process smooth and fast. Contact Cole Harrison today if you are looking for experienced and reliable independent insurance agents.

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