Whether you use your boat to fish, cruise or sail, recreational boating is a great way to spend your leisure time. To ensure your time on the water in Maine is fun and worry-free, protect your boat with the right insurance.

Boats may be insured in one of two ways:

By a homeowner’s policy, or by a separate boat owner’s policy. Boat insurance coverage for boat accidents varies by policy and by situation. Therefore, boaters should consult the “personal property” and a “liability” section of their homeowner’s or boat owner’s policies to understand how their individual policies handle claims on boats.

Boaters who rely on their homeowner’s insurance to cover their boat should also remember:

Piers, wharves and docks will likely be covered only for limited types of damage, such as damage caused by wind, hail or fire.

Wind/hail damage will be covered only if the boat is in a fully enclosed building.

Theft will not be covered if the boat is off the “residence premises.”

Liability coverage is only available for certain smaller boats.

Homeowner’s policies typically have “excluded watercraft” that are not covered. These craft are generally determined by the size of the boat or its’ motor.

Boat owner’s policies are similar to auto insurance policies because they often provide liability and personal property insurance. Some boat owner’s policies may also include coverage for medical payments and uninsured boater’s coverage. However, policies do not cover “wear and tear,” marring, scratching or denting.

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